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Am I a Candidate?

Studies have shown that 90% of patients who don’t qualify for traditional dental implants can get All-on-Four, a groundbreaking variation on dental implants. Even patients who don’t currently qualify for dental implants can opt for preparatory procedures, such as bone grafting, to become ideal candidates. Dr. Huston performs numerous diagnostic tests to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for dental implants, help you improve your candidacy, and recommend the ideal dental implant technique for you.

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Candidates for Single Implants

Single implants replace missing teeth at the ratio of 1:1, i.e., each implant supports one dental crown, replacing one tooth. As such, if you’re missing a single tooth due to an injury, dental trauma, or periodontal disease, you’re a candidate for single implants. However, you should have enough jawbone underneath the site of the missing tooth to support the implant. Patients generally have jawbone insufficiency if they’ve waited a long time after losing a tooth before seeking an implant.

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Candidates for Multiple Implants

Multiple implants replace multiple missing teeth on different parts of the jaws or in a single series. If you’re missing multiple teeth in a single chain, you can get multiple implants with bridges. If you’re missing multiple teeth in different parts of your mouth, you can get implants with individual dental crowns. However, you need to have sufficient jawbone at the site of the missing teeth to get implants. Getting dental implants soon after losing teeth is the best way to prevent the underlying jawbone from disintegrating.

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Candidates for All-on-4

All-on-Fours replace a complete arch of missing teeth (or more than four teeth in a single arch) using just four strategically positioned implants. If you’re missing all your teeth in the upper or lower arch, you’re the ideal candidate for all-on-4 implants. If you’re missing more than 4 teeth in a single arch and want to replace all of them with a single procedure, you’re a suitable candidate for all-on-4 implants. However, you need to have sufficient jawbone underneath the implant sites for durability.

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Candidates for Fix on Six

Fix on Six is a groundbreaking dental implant technique wherein six strategically-placed implants support an entire arch of teeth. If you’re missing more than 6 teeth or all your teeth, you’re a suitable candidate for the Fix on Six dental implant technique. However, as with all dental implant procedures, you should have sufficient jawbone at the implant sites for optimal support and stability. If you don’t have enough jawbone tissues, you might need bone grafting.

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Bone Grafting to Improve Your Candidacy

Dental implants are replacements for the root structures of your missing teeth, so they need sufficient jawbone for support and stability. However, after you lose your teeth, the underlying jawbone starts disintegrating due to the lack of stimulus. As such, patients who wait long periods between the loss of teeth and implants generally lack sufficient jawbone tissues, requiring a bone grafting procedure.

Bone grafting is a routine procedure that builds up your jawbone structure. This procedure involves harvesting bone tissues from other parts of your body or a donor bank and anchoring them into the implant site. This encourages bone regeneration, making your body build new bone tissues. After 6 to 9 months, the implant sites have sufficient jawbone tissues to support the implant, making you a suitable candidate for the procedure.

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